My ideas. thoughts. reflections.

I like to believe I like to write. That’s why I’m putting up this site. I’m sure there will be times I will not make sense, but surely, other times will be different — and hopefully what I will share will mostly be useful, or amusing at the least.

I will share about anything my mind thinks about: from food, people, events, psychology, business, love, relationships, religion, health & fitness — just about anything under the sun. You can comment if you want to or choose not to — either way is fine with me.

A place for my mind to talk
About Me
Buen is a writer by heart. But I’ve always loved LEARNING — that’s my first love. WRITING just comes second. In one of my posts I will show my mini-library at home, so you’ll see just how diverse the the subjects I’ve been trying to read about. From Statistics, Marketing, Business, Operations, Six Sigma, Toyota Production System, Accounting and lots more. And YES, I’m weird like that. Thankfully, my wife accepts me for who I am, so I need not worry.